Dried Apricots


  • Sweet & Delicious
  • Sun-Dried
  • Has Nuts Intact
  • Filled With Nutrients
  • Protects Skin & Improves Signs of Aging
  • Beneficial for Pregnant Women
  • Helps Treat Anemia
  • Helps Improve Constipation
  • Promotes Eye Health
  • 400 Grams Pack (Net)


Health Benefits and Nutritional Information of Apricots

  • Dried apricots are a very good source of potassium, iron, fiber and A, C and E vitamins.
  • They are also a very good source of two antioxidants, namely lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • They are also an extremely rich source of carotenoids.
  • Since jardalu are apricots in dried form, they contain nutrients in concentrated forms and just eating a few of these can give you a boost of health.
  • Being rich in beta carotene, vitamin E as well as A, khubani or dried apricot is very good for your eye health.
  • Being a very good source of iron, eating jardalu regularly helps in the prevention and treatment of anemia.
  • Dried apricot is also extremely beneficial for your overall skin health. Eating it regularly promotes skin health and enhances its appearance.
  • Since these dried fruits are a very good source of potassium, eating them regularly can help reduce high blood pressure.
  • Being a very good source of fiber as well, eating jardalu is very good for your gut health.
  • Apricots also contain many antioxidants and thus, eating them is beneficial to keep several diseases like diabetes and heart ailments at bay.
  • Dried apricots are also known to improve bone mineral density.
  • Owing to their excellent nutritional profile, eating dried apricot is extremely beneficial for pregnant women.

How to use Jardalu/khubani/Apricots?

After you buy apricots, there are several ways that you can use them.

You can eat them as they are with your breakfast, as snacks or even as a dessert. You can also mix them with other dried fruits and nuts to make a trail mix. Adding chopped dried apricots to various dessert recipes is also a good way to use them. Have a few of these with your favorite fruit for breakfast. You can even top your daily cereal or oats with a few of these. You can also use these dry fruits for baking or for making energy bars or other healthy recipes.


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